Sarah Thomson Rises in Polls

Media Release - Aug. 26, 2014


Sarah Thomson rises in polls


Internal poll numbers show large increase in support for Sarah Thomson in the race for Mayor while Olivia Chows support continues to decrease.

Sarah Thomson’s support rose dramatically when people learned of her entrepreneurial success, and advocacy work around transit expansion. While Olivia Chows’ support fell.

“I have called for “NO free ride for the 905″ and I believe people know that I am putting Toronto ahead of my political career. It is time Toronto has leadership willing to address the real issues with real solutions. Tolls on 905 Commuters who come into the city every day and use our services leaving Toronto residents to pay for them is the best solution to fund the underground transit expansion Toronto needs.

I am the only openly Liberal candidate in the top 4 of the race for Mayor of Toronto and while other candidates have tried to suppress my standing, from pushing me out of debates, to using their influence on the media, they have been unable to stop us from gaining public support through hard work on the streets every single day. My campaign team are some of the most dedicated hard working people I know and I owe them a debt of gratitude for the hard work they contribute each and every day.

While other candidates refuse to stand up for for dedicated transit funding,  this poll demonstrates that residents of Toronto believe it is extremely important.”

The poll also shows that 53% of respondents support tolls on 905 commuters.

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Sarah Thomson calls out John Tory on transit funding

Press Release

Aug 18, 2014


Sarah Thomson the only Liberal candidate in the top 5 of the race for mayor supports TTC report on improving transit services and calls out John Tory on his lack of commitment to the dedicated transit funding Toronto needs:


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